Crying It Out Vs. A Gentle Approach

Can you sleep train without making your baby cry it out?

The simple answer to this is yes, BUT, I cannot guarantee there won’t be some crying, but not for the reasons you think!

Sleep Training is a very sensitive topic to talk about, but I also believe that the term is strongly associated with crying it out. I am here to happily tell you that there is so much more to sleep training than the one, outdated method of “crying it out”. 

For those of you whom the cry it out method doesn’t fit your parenting philosophy (and I do not blame you AT ALL) and you still want to help your little one develop a healthy relationship with sleep, there are other ways! It can be done and I can help you get there. 

First, let’s define sleep training. Sleep training is teaching your little one healthy sleep habits so they can learn how to fall asleep independently. There are a variety of methods for teaching your child independent sleep and most likely will involve some crying, but not for the reasons you think!

The truth is that your little one is crying because you are breaking a habit. Think about it. You may have been rocking, feeding, driving or walking with your baby for their entire life and now you are trying to change what they’ve only known. Put yourself in their shoes, I’d probably protest a bit too!

Depending on your comfort level, you can adopt a gentle approach or a more aggressive approach such as crying it out. There are many different ways to teach your little one to sleep and it does not have to be one extreme or the other. 

Understanding Gentle Sleep Training Versus Crying It Out

Gentle Sleep Training

What exactly does gentle sleep training mean? It is a very hands-on sleep training approach to teach your little one to sleep. Even if you adopt a gentle approach, it does not mean they will cry any less. Your little one may cry more because you are there and you are breaking a habit they are used to and seeing you makes it even harder for them. Gentle sleep training simply means you are more present and hands on during the process.


Crying-It-Out is the extinction method. Meaning you put your baby in their bed at 8 pm close the door and no matter what happens, the door doesn’t open til 8 am. That is called the extinction method, or crying it out.

Helping The Sleep Training Process

There are several ways to teach your little one to sleep independently and no matter what method you adopt, you cannot control their tears and emotions. What you CAN control is how involved you are in the process and making the best decision for your family. Some children take the change very well with minimal protesting. Others may cry a bit more. You know your child best. What worked for one might not work for another. One may protest more with more parental presence where another may protest less with a parent close by.

When sleep training, we need to look at the child holistically. When we work together, I will look at the whole picture. I want to know your child’s feeding schedule, sleep schedule, sleeping environment, bedtime routines and much more. With all of this information I am able to pinpoint the cause for the sleeping issues and then create a plan that works for you.

Sleep training is much more than just sleep, it is helping your child develop healthy habits that surround sleep and set you child up for overall success. And as a result, it means getting YOU the sleep you need as well! 
If you are interested in learning more and starting the process of getting a full night’s rest book your FREE discovery call!

I can’t wait to start helping you and your family get the rest you want, need and deserve!


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