Reasons Your Little One Isn’t Sleeping

Why Your Little One May Not Be Sleeping

Is your little one refusing bedtime? Are they waking & staying awake in the middle of the night? Are they waking up early all of a sudden? If this is happening to you, you’re not alone! I help families tackle these exact issues all of the time!

If you’re wondering why your baby isn’t sleeping well at night, there are a few factors to look at. As sleep consultants, we take a snapshot of the child’s entire day. We want to know how they fall asleep, what time they woke up, their wake windows, their feeding schedule, their sleeping environment, how long their naps are and so much more. This helps us determine the cause of the sleeping issues and we make adjustments to help fix them.

I love helping clients figure this exact issue out. It’s like a math equation that I get to solve and help you get results! I like to take an in-depth sleep analysis to really get to the bottom of it. Here are some of the factors I like to look for:

  1. What is the sleeping environment like?

It is so important to make the room as dark as possible. That means, when you go in, put your hand in front of your face, can you see it? If yes, make the room darker, if not, you are good to go! That’s how dark we want it.
Not only how dark it is, but is something waking them up? Are there loud noises? Try your best to minimize those noises that could be waking them up.

  • How is your child’s schedule?

We want to make sure that your child is following an age-appropriate schedule. Are their wake windows accurate? Are they getting enough stimulation during their wake window? Are they getting too much sleep? Are they not getting enough? Surprisingly, if they are super tired, they’ll have a harder time falling and staying asleep at night!

  • How are they falling asleep?

How your child is falling asleep is how they will get back to sleep if they wake up in between sleep cycles. If you are rocking your child to sleep, then that’s what they’ll need to go back to sleep if and when they wake up. If they have learned the skill to fall asleep independently, then they will be able to apply this skill all night long! If they do not have a healthy sleep foundation, they will always need that sleep crutch in order to stay asleep all night long.

  • Are they learning something new?

If they are learning to crawl, sit, walk, talk or anything else exciting in their lives, they may just be super excited to practice this new skill that they just don’t have time for sleep! Once your child masters their new found skill, their sleep should go back to normal. Rest assured; this is totally normal! And super exciting for them!

If your little one isn’t sleeping and you’d like a customized sleep plan with one-on-one support, e-mail me today and we can get started!

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