Why should you hire a sleep coach?

Why Should You Hire A Sleep Coach? 

There are so many free sleep resources out there on the internet and even more free advice from family and friends (and randoms on the internet) so why should you hire a sleep coach?

Through my years of experience in the field of pediatric sleep and obtaining my certification, I have learned that sleep is not a one size fits all approach. Each and every child is different and every circumstance is different. What works for one might not work for another. I know that all my children are very different from one another and the approach I used for one of my children didn’t work for the other because of their personality differences and their needs.

It is hard being a mom and fitting anything more into your brain (because let’s be honest, mommy brain is a real thing), so I can make it easy for you. I have spent many years researching all things in the realm of pediatric sleep and have become an expert in this field and YOU can become an expert in YOUR child’s sleep by letting me take the guesswork out of it for you!

Hiring a sleep coach combines an expert in pediatric sleep and you, the expert of your child. After gathering information about your child, I create an extremely personalized sleep plan that fits your parenting philosophy and your specific situation. Think of it this way: you can google how to fix that appliance in your house, but wouldn’t it put your mind at ease to hire a professional in that field? Hiring an expert takes away the guess work and gives you a complete and comprehensive process that you know you can trust. I know when I google things, it sounds so easy to do it, but then it’s not. Something always comes up or it doesn’t work and not only did I have to fix it in the first place, but now I created another mess. 

Here are a few reasons hiring a sleep coach can make your sleeping journey much smoother than trying it on your own:

1. You get to work one-on-one with an expert in sleep!

A certified pediatric sleep consultant has read all the books and has been trained in all the methods to identify where your problem arises and how to fix them. When we work together, you will get an individualized sleep plan tailored to your specific situation where you will receive one-on-one support through the entire process. During a consultation, I am available in real time! You are provided with unlimited text or e-mail support for the entire process! So when you put your little one down and that random question pops up in your head, I will be there to answer you with guidance you can trust! 

2. Holistic Approach 
At Goodnight Sweet Baby, we will dive deep to get to know you and your situation so that I can tailor the sleep plan specifically for you and also incorporate your parenting philosophy so that you feel comfortable the entire sleep training process. Your family, friends and google (and random internet people) may understand that you are experiencing early morning wakings, for example, and tell you what worked for them, but do they understand every circumstance surrounding the early morning wakings or your comfort level with this process? Are they providing you options and explaining why you are experiencing these issues? When we work together, I will review and go over what exactly is going on and why your child is going through this issue. I am there to help you understand your child’s sleep.

3. Evidence Based Support
When you hire a sleep coach, it is important to note that they are certified. Anyone can say that they are a sleep consultant, but did they go through extensive training to get certified? You can always ask to see their credentials and anyone certified will be happy to show you!

So, if you are in the thick of it and want a clear and concise plan to get your little one to sleep, this is your sign to hire a sleep consultant! You’ll get some extra time on your hands to finally binge that show or drink some hot coffee or finally hit purchase on that online order or maybe all 3!

I cannot wait to start working together!


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